I brought my son to church on Sunday. And I was dreading it.

The court had just overturned Roe v. Wade and our priest it known for giving very topical sermons, relevant to current world events.

The church we go to is Catholic. We are known for our solar panels, environmental consciousness, multiculturalism, and social justice. I have heard people call us the ‘hippie church’. And that’s why I like it. But still, it is a Catholic church, and I didn’t want to hear any sermon about the sanctity of life.

Well, I got my wish. There was no sermon about it, or about anything at all for that matter.

When we pulled up in the parking lot I said ‘oh shoot, I forgot our masks’. Well … I guess we’ll be ok. Conscientious, obsessively responsible in our mask wearing habits, my son and I have been gradually venturing out more and wearing them less and less. So we walked in, sans masks. Most people in our congregation had also abandoned them at this point, though I noticed friends of ours are still wearing them. I felt self-conscious as I smiled and waved as we sat down in front of one family we know, the daughter a classmate of my son, as they waved to us with smiling eyes, N95s still attached to their faces.

Well, we’re here now, what are we going to do but press on.

And the Mass started. Our priest walked in and made an announcement. I noticed he was double masked. It was difficult to hear what he was saying. From what I could gather, he took a train to a conference, someone on the train was unmasked and coughing the whole time, and our priest caught Covid. He was weak and still recovering.

I panicked. Should he be here? Should we leave? Should we take communion? What should we do?

Our priest didn’t give a sermon that day, and he didn’t give communion. He blessed it for the lay ministers to give out and he primarily sat quietly distanced at the back of the altar.

He did tell us, let my illness be a lesson to you. Covid is not over. Wear your masks.

And that is how I didn’t have to listen to a sermon about abortion and the sanctity of life. And this lesson was to me, a more important lesson about life.

Because someone can scream to the rooftops about life inside the womb, but what about the sanctity of the lives outside the womb, that we are experiencing every day?

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