When I moved to Virginia over 10 years ago my hair was somewhat red. It is now entirely grey.

At the time my father was still alive. He died two years later. I miss him every day.

I came to Virginia with two cats; Fats Domino and Angelina. They have both crossed the rainbow bridge.

I have two cats currently; Oberon and The Gremlin. I briefly had a beautiful cat named Tahli that left this earth after our one year together.

When I moved here, I had never been a mother, and never foresaw that happening. However in 2013 by some miracle I gave birth to a beautiful boy.

Mother is now the overwhelming meaning of my existence.

I briefly lived in Germany and revisted the place of my birth, before returning to Virginia again.

When I moved here, as throughout my entire life previous, I did not drive. I got my permit within my first year of moving here and finally my license about four years ago.

In these past years I recall starting two paintings, and then stopping. I have sketched less than 20 pages in my sketchbooks. Maybe less than 10 even.

I have written very little. And thrown most of it away.

I have done little treasure hunting and the things I’ve found I have not sold and shared or displayed but rather tucked away in boxes at the bottoms of closets and drawers.

My very nice camera which I used to carry everywhere sits dusty and untouched.

My cocoon has been comfortable. And it has adapted and grown to fit me during my hibernation and complete restructuring of myself. But it has served its purpose.

I emerge as not a beautiful butterfly but as an entirely different creature.

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